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Chamber Committees

Join the team! Through our committee structure, the Chamber addresses the important issues of public policy, business success and economic development as well as giving members more networking capabilities with business, community and social opportunities.

These are special teams that really make a difference in our community.

All Chamber committees are listed below, with brief descriptions of their mission. All employees of your company are invited to participate in Chamber committees and events.


Membership Committee Mission Statement: To assist the Executive Director in developing membership programs and monitor benefits program.

The Membership Committee is focused on bringing new members into the Palmer Chamber, making them feel welcome and helping them recognize the benefits their business will experience as a result of their membership.   Members of the committee are available to answer questions about membership cost and benefits.  Individuals on the membership committee are always on the lookout for new business in the area served by the Greater Palmer Chamber Of Commerce and often will go to new businesses and welcome the owners into the community and invite them to explore the many benefits the Chamber has to offer. The members of this committee assist new and existing members in getting the most out of their membership and finding the most beneficial ways a member can connect with other members to establish professional contacts.

For more information on this committee contact the Palmer Chamber at 907-745-2880

Special Events

The Greater Palmer Chamber puts on many festivals and events for our community through out the year. Committees offer our members even more Many volunteers are needed to continue the excellence of these festivals.

If you are interested in participating please contact the chamber office at 907-745-2880.

Government Affairs

The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors proposed or existing laws, policies and regulations affecting Chamber members, its mission, or economic development. The Committee takes a proactive posture in advancing matters of importance to our community or our state. From time to time, the Committee submits formal recommendations to the Board and takes a lead role in advocating Chamber positions externally.

The Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors approves resolutions throughout the year for a variety of issues brought before them by the Government Affairs Committee.

If you are interested in submitting a request for a resolution or letter of support, please allow us at least 30 days to review your request.

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