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Gingerbread House Contest


Gingerbread House Contest

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Once again the Gingerbread Houses were a huge success!

We had 28 houses in all; 26 at the Pioneer Home and two were off site.  Turkey Red and Klondike Mikes displayed them in their businesses.

The winners are:


1.  Randy Bunsen-Riffle
2.  Sierra Clyde
3.  Lila Folsom


1.  Laurie Ethridge
2.  Kaylynn Zagyva
3.  Michelle Clyde


1.  Ernesto Lucia and Erica
2.  Gladys Albaugh and Norris Finch
3.  Mary Ann Selle and Helen Coolidge


1.  Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
2.  Turkey Red
3.  Klondike Mikes

People's Choice: 

Community #2 Kaylynn Zagyva

Congratulations goes out to everyone.  We had some amazing talent show up.  Over this past weekend, many people expressed their appreciation for this event.

A special thank you goes out to our four amazing judges, Michelle, Helen and Mr and Mrs. Martinez.  Judging this many houses is no easy task.  We appreciate you very much!