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Altman, Rogers & Co.


425 G. St. Suite 800 Anchorage AK 99501

Phone: (907) 274-2992

We serve clients throughout Alaska with the local knowledge, experience and flexibility only an independent firm can provide.

We service Alaska from Southeast to the Aleutian Chain to Barrow. Our clients are located in all six regions of Alaska: Arctic, Interior, Western, Southwestern, Southcentral, and Southeast.

We offer a full range of auditing, tax and business consulting services to help clients grow — and thrive.

We stand by our services with a commitment to ethical reporting and client satisfaction.

We operate in small teams equipped to handle clients based on the scope of their needs, all backed by the power and expertise of Alaska’s largest independent CPA firm.

Not only do we have staff who live, work and meet with clients in these three communities, we regularly travel to clients in the Far North, Interior and Southwestern as well.